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It can be tempting to think that once you've got a good product and traction in the market, your problems are behind you. However, growth brings problems of its own!

Here is a selection of some of the growing pains reported by our clients:

  • It is hard to get everyone working on the right things, at the right time in a way that aligns with business objectives and priorities.

  • Execution and task delivery are slipping because there is no system to follow up with every task assigned.

  • The size of the team means you can't know everyone and DNA and culture are becoming diluted or undesired.

  • Collaborating and providing a seamless client experience when teams or departments are involved rather than individuals.

  • Bureaucracy is starting to creep in and undermining growth, agility or culture.

  • It is becoming harder to find people to process with, who will be completely truthful.

  • You can't just change things like you used to - change is more complex with more elements to consider.

  • The organisation is big enough to need certain roles but is not yet ready to commit to a specific design or person.

  • Maintaining a healthy innovation pipeline in a way that does not distract focus or resources from existing products or services.

  • Resolving 'people problems', which have started to become a regular occurrence.

  • Team members who were once great individual contributors, but who now need to lead teams and departments.

  • Creating a scalable business model around a successful product or service is not straightforward.

These pains never resolve themselves and will cause more problems over time.

If left unaddressed, they will limit future growth.

They may already be damaging your organisation.

However, tackling these things with intentionality will result in:

Unlocked Growth

Execution, alignment, collaboration and innovation will all be increased, resulting in increased revenue and growth.

Reduced Drama

Hassles, distractions, mistakes and missed opportunities will be greatly diminished, resulting in a happier team and a reduced emotional load on you.

Greater Focus

Your need to be involved in the detail will decline, resulting in you spending more time on the things you should be doing like meeting with clients, raising funds or developing new products.


In the GrowthLab, we put your organisation under the microscope, using the PerformanceNinja Framework, to see where things could be improved.

Together with you and your team, we will:

  • Discover the biggest issues across the six Performance Framework areas

  • Design holistic solutions that leverage proven techniques, but in a way that fits your culture

  • Deliver and implement change so that you see tangible outcomes

To find out more and see if GrowthLab could be right for you, book a free Performance Audit

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